My Job as a Christian Mom Is Not to Have As Many Kids As Possible— It’s To Get My Kids to Heaven

I have two children. That’s just a bit over the national average here in America. But it’s about five less than the local average. Parents tend to have large families around here. Twelve passenger vans are not a rarity, and … Continue reading

5 Ways to Set Your Kids up for Dating Success (Even Before They’re Ready to Date)

I did a lot of dating when I was a teenager, but I was only in one long-term relationship before I started dating my husband. I’m not proud of the fact that I went on lots of dates, but rarely with the same guy more than once or twice. If any of those great guys are out there reading this, I apologize for my immaturity. Clearly, I wasn’t quite ready to be in a committed relationship when we dated.

Now that I have my own children, I’m thinking ahead to when they start dating. I want them to have a healthier experience than I did and I know that comes from laying some groundwork. I also know they’ll start talking about it with friends way sooner than their first date. Here are 5 teenage dating tips you can use well before your kids are old enough to date.