Book Notes: “Motherhood: An Extraordinary Vocation” by Dr. Kathryn Rombs

Kathryn Rombs’ book “Motherhood: An Extraordinary Vocation” is the book that every Catholic mom living in today’s culture needs to read. It’s actually the book that every Catholic woman needs to read. I wish that this book had existed back when I was in high school. I would highly recommend that every young woman read this as part of her curriculum in high school. When I graduated high school, I felt ready to pursue a career. I felt prepared. Like many girls my age, I assumed I would get myself established in my career of choice, and after a while, I would start a family. I assumed that I would have it all. I assumed that I would want it all. But I didn’t.

Motherhood has become a second-rate vocation in today’s world. Children have become a choice at best, and an inconvenience for most. If you are a working mom, you “have it all,” which actually means that you’ve just managed to have kids while at the same time preserving the work you’ve put into your career. But if you choose to leave behind your career to stay at home with your kids, there is a widespread assumption that you are “just a mom,” as if motherhood is not something of value in and of itself.

Kathryn Rombs goes to great lengths to show that motherhood is needed (and not just in the most obvious sense). She does a beautiful job demonstrating how all mothers- biological, adopted, foster, grand, or spiritual- are necessary. Their role in society is irreplaceable. Whether moms choose to stay at home, work from home, or work outside the home (part-time or full-time), their role as mom is vital. She spends time showing the dignity of the vocation of motherhood, and how motherhood is essential for the flourishing of the next generation of women. Mothers are responsible for shaping their children, for raising future entrepreneurs, presidents, chefs, teachers, and homemakers. They literally have held the future in their hands, cradled it in their arms, kissed it on the forehead.

With such a significant role in society and history, mothers do not get the recognition they deserve. Kathryn Rombs’ book eloquently asserts that until that happens, our society will remain in jeopardy and true feminism will not be achieved. Being pro-mother, in whatever form motherhood might take, is part of being a true feminist. If you want to see exactly how that is the case, I couldn’t recommendation “Motherhood: An Extraordinary Vocation” more.

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