Promiscuity, the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and Our Sex-Obsessed Culture

If it’s at all possible, this year’s Super Bowl halftime show was more controversial than those of years past (though that’s definitely debatable). I don’t think I’ve ever seen such stark differences in opinions, and social media definitely has not … Continue reading

Our Dreams and Our Children: A Response to Michelle Williams’ Golden Globes Speech

Earlier this month, Michelle Williams made the very blatant suggestion that her access to abortion allowed her to pursue her dreams during her acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards. It was a provocative statement, made even more so by … Continue reading

Can You Be Gay and Serve Within the Catholic Church?

A few weeks back, a petition was circulating social media sites regarding the firing of a theology teacher who had become engaged to her same-sex partner.  Naturally, countless people, both Catholics and non-Catholics, gladly signed the petition by which the … Continue reading

The Church: The Stone Tied to the Feet of the Sinner or the Rock Against Which the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail?

When I’m sitting in my office ticking off the tasks in my planner, I like to break the silence with Christian Contemporary music (interspersed with the occasional country hit).  Recently, I was struck by a particular song, or more specifically, … Continue reading