It’s Not Called “Making History” When a Man and a Woman Have a Child

Transgender Couple.jpgAmerica’s done it again.  We’re making facetious claims about history, refusing to call a spade a spade because that could jeopardize the liberal agenda.  Apparently, a couple is “making history” by being the first transgender couple to conceive and carry a child to term naturally in South America.  News agencies are fudging the facts, making an ordinary couple- a man and a woman- revolutionary- because apparently they are actually a woman and a man.  This particular couple, like their Kentucky counterpart, did not need In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Artificial Insemination (AI).  They were able to conceive biologically.  How?  Because they’re just like any other couple, a man and a woman, with fully-functioning sperm, eggs, and uterus between them.  The only difference is that the man thinks he’s a woman and the woman believes that she’s a man.  But even their minds cannot defy the reality of their bodies.  They cannot escape their sexuality, as hard as they might try.

Fernando Machado and Diane Rodriguez, whose given names have been abandoned to better reflect their interior identities, are a transgender couple in South America who have decided that they want to become parents.  Their story made headlines in Ecuador after the couple announced that they were expecting, and that Fernando was the one carrying the child.  News agencies claimed that this was revolutionary because it had never before happened in South America, but the truth is that this couple is just one of many.  This couple is just a man and a woman having a baby.  Yes, becoming parents to a child who is your own flesh and blood is an incredible thing, but it’s not revolutionary in the way that modern media sources would have us believe.  Fernando and Diane are not revolutionary because they are a transgender couple having a child biologically.  No matter what they might wear and what they might think of themselves, they cannot escape the truth: Fernando is a woman, and thus is capable of carrying her son or daughter, and Diane is a man, and thus can impregnate his partner.  The only aspect of this story that is revolutionary is the fact that America is perfectly content to ignore the facts so that news agencies can show their support for the transgender agenda.

Pregnant Man

A few years back, there was a story about a couple in a similar situation- they were anxiously waiting for the birth of their first child, but it was the husband who was pregnant.  I was in college at the time, and I distinctly remember the hype that surrounded the story.  Many of my classmates excitedly discussed this “revolutionary” moment, this story that was “making history.”  This couple was depicted as perfectly normal- a man and a woman who were expecting their first child together.  But as so many headlines told us, the world was also experiencing an anomaly, the first pregnant man.  And it did sound revolutionary, until you found out that the pregnant “man” had actually been born and remained a woman.

It did not take long to collect the facts.  The wife was unable to conceive, so the couple opted to take advantage of the “husband’s” female reproductive organs.  Though Thomas Beatie identified as a man, her body was very much that of a woman.  Despite having had sex-reassignment surgery to remove her breasts, Thomas’ ovaries and uterus were still intact and functioning.  The couple was able to purchase donor sperm on the internet, and Beatie was artificially inseminated and became pregnant.  And so the first “pregnant man” became famous.

This week’s story is very similar, though artificial insemination was not necessary.  Unlike Thomas Beatie and “his” wife, who are both biologically female, Diane and Fernando are biologically of the opposite sex.  Neither Diane nor Fernando have had their respective surgeries, so their reproductive organs are still intact and fully functional.  Like so many men and women before and after them, each was able to join with a person of the opposite sex to conceive a child.  Despite the headlines, there is nothing “revolutionary” about this feat.  History has not been made.  This is simply the story of a man and a woman having a child.  Sure, the details are a bit unique- in this particular case, the man thinks he’s a woman and the woman thinks she’s a man- but the bare facts remain the same.  Despite their efforts, this transgender couple cannot escape the truth of their bodies.  Fernando is a woman, and consequently, she has the reproductive organs of a woman, thanks to her XX chromosomes.  Diane, on the other hand, is a man, and therefore has the reproductive organs of a man, thanks to his XY chromosomes.  It doesn’t matter what names they’ve chosen for themselves.  It doesn’t matter what clothing they choose to wear.  It doesn’t matter what they might think of themselves.  I’m not saying that their particular circumstances are not difficult, but we cannot deny the facts.  The only reason this “revolutionary” story is even possible is because Diane is a man and Fernando is a woman.  It would be absurd to suggest otherwise.

Kentucky FamilyThe liberal media has shown time and again that it is more than willing to ignore the facts to show their support for the LGBT cause.  When the “pregnant man” became famous, none of the headlines even mentioned that the “man” was actually a woman who identified as a man, but still had her female reproductive organs.  Now we have a couple that has become famous because they are transgender and expecting a child that is biologically theirs and was conceived naturally.  The headlines claim that they are “making history,” but there is nothing revolutionary about a man and a woman having a child.  We cannot ignore the fact that this couple, though they identify themselves as transgender, are still just a man and a woman.

Though we are not completely defined by our biology, we cannot simply pretend that it doesn’t exist.  A man does not become a woman just because he feels like one.  A woman doesn’t cease to be a woman when she begins to identify more closely with the male gender.  No matter what a transgender person might do to themselves, they can never completely escape their biological sex.  Transgender men and women like Thomas Beatie, Diane Rodriguez, and Fernando Machado live in a world of contradictions, struggling to deny their biological gender while they simultaneously use the very biology that they desperately want to deny so that they can become parents.  Fortunately, they also live in a world that is more than willing to overlook the obvious and ignore the facts for a “good cause.”  And as long as America is willing to remain blind to the truth, couples like Thomas and Nancy Beatie and Diane Rodriguez and Fernando Machado will continue to “make history.”

Mary Help of Christians, pray for us!

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