Disney: A Place Where Dreams Come True

Disney World- Where else can you kiss a tiger?

Disney World- Where else can you kiss a tiger?

Hey everyone!  Miss me?  I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but just believe me when I tell you that these past few weeks have been quite the whirlwind for me.  Life has kept me incredibly busy, but I’m thankful to say that I have plenty to show for my tireless efforts.  At the beginning of the month, my family took our yearly vacation together (sadly, minus a member this time around). Normally, we go to either Wildwood or Hersheypark for a week, but earlier this year, my mom made the announcement that we would be going somewhere where no Sulick had ever gone before- Disney World!  You can only imagine how excited we all were; a family vacation to Disney World was one of those childhood aspirations that we were never able to swing.  Until now.  And so we all waited with eager anticipation for our trip to begin.

In reality, our trip to Disney Word this past month ended up being my second time visiting Magic Kingdom.  During my year in formation, I was able to do many things that I never would have imagined doing while in the convent: I went to a Yankees game, traipsed around New York City at Christmas time, and went to Disney World.  We were only there for a few hours, but those few hours were pretty amazing.  And because of my “vast” previous experience in Disney World, I was somehow nominated the leader of our group (or it might have been because I was the quickest at orienting us on a map and getting us where we wanted to go despite the torrential downpours that constantly threatened to sweep us away.  That’s right- the sunshine state isn’t all that sunny during June).  During the six days that we were there, we were able to tackle every park, as well as spend a day at one of Disney’s water parks and a day at Universal Studios.  That was actually my favorite day, if you were wondering- me in Harry Potter World is like a kid in a candy store.

I think the most amazing part of the whole experience- besides all the delicious food, incredible light shows and fireworks, and exhilarating rides- was seeing the look of sheer joy on the faces of so many little children.  It was incredibly easy to pick out the first-timers.  They were always the most excited, the loudest, and the most joy-filled.  They had the biggest smiles, the loudest laughs, and the emptiest wallets.  But it was all worth it just to see the look of pure happiness on children’s faces when they laid eyes on their favorite Disney character for the first time.  And that goes for the 24-year-old seeing Tinkerbell too.  Children are the best teachers of how to find joy in the little things, and Disney offers a really amazing gift.  It’s a place where everyone can become a child.  It’s a place where dreams come true.  It’s a place where no matter where you look, you can easily find love in the little things.

Mary Help of Christians, pray for us!

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