Why It’s Better to Be Wrong Together Than Right Alone

I walked into our living room to see my daughter reading on the floor in a puddle of pee. It was our third day of potty training and her fifth pair of underwear that day. As I ran her to the bathroom, I passed my husband. He could’ve said “I told you so,” but he didn’t. Instead, he silently began treating the stain on our carpet, and once again, I found myself so grateful that we were in this together, no matter how badly it was going.

Three days prior, I’d told him I was taking away our daughter’s diapers. He’d voiced a few concerns, but after talking it over, we decided to give it a shot. After we did, we both questioned our decision. But it was our decision, and we were committed to facing the consequences together. In marriage, it’s better to be wrong together than right alone. Here’s why.

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