Book Notes: “Worthy of Wearing” by Nicole M. Caruso

Nicole M. Caruso’s “Worthy of Wearing” is the book for every Catholic woman trying to figure out how she is meant to relate to style, beauty, and her clothing. I should begin by saying that I am not a girl who has ever been called “fashionable.” I have never really cared about fashion. Even when I wanted to care, back when I was trying to fit in with my high school classmates, I just couldn’t manage it. I have always known what I like to wear, and I just wear it. I don’t really care about current fashion and most of my favorite outfits were designed to be worn at the gym, but I still loved this book.

The “Worthy of Wearing” movement is just what many modern Catholic women need. Nicole explains why we can spend time on our appearance, choosing clothing that flatters our bodies and fits our sense of style, applying makeup and fixing our hair every morning. She explains how devoting time to our outward appearance does not have to lead to the sin of pride. When we take care of our bodies, when we adorn them with beautiful clothing and accessories, we are praising God for the beauty of His creation. When we clothe ourselves with beauty, we are showing God gratitude for what He has given us. Our bodies are beautiful, and that beauty is meant to radiate from our very being. Our clothing, hair, and makeup are all meant to magnify that radiance.

After several chapters dedicated to laying the foundation for the “Worthy of Wearing” movement, Nicole devotes the remainder of her book to the practical process of developing a sense of style. She helps women figure out their own styles, what types of clothing best fit their figures, and how to create a closet full of clothing that really speaks to the heart. She guides her readers through each step, holding their hands as some (like me) tread through uncharted waters. By the time readers finish the book, they will feel so much more confident in themselves and their closets.

If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe, this book is for you. If you don’t know the first thing about style but want to learn how to incorporate it into your life, this is the book for you. If you want to know why you are worthy of wearing those clothes you love, this is the book for you. You’re going to love it.

3 thoughts on “Book Notes: “Worthy of Wearing” by Nicole M. Caruso

  1. When a Christian is so open about so many things I experienced as means to downgrade my worth and keep my faith in check, it is both gratifying and I feels that I am in a safe space. Thank you for this, for years I struggled with faith and chose churches that made me feel like I needed to dress and present myself in an unappealing manner to maintain God’s love for me, now I know God is not such an enclosed and restricted person, and he loves me the way I am.
    Thank you

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