The Importance of a Mother-Daughter Relationship

IMG_2625Before your first baby was born, you probably pictured yourself being a boy mom or a girl mom. Most of us just felt more equipped to raise either a little girl with dresses and bows or a rough and tumble little boy. Once that baby is born, you realize you are the perfect mom for that child, regardless of pink or blue. As I’ve watched my daughter grow, the importance of a mother-daughter relationship became abundantly clear.

I’ve begun thinking about the future friendship I want with her. I want to be her best friend one day. I know it’s possible because my mother is my best friend. She has held that position for about a decade. Looking back, I see how my mother prepared the foundation for our future friendship, even as she maintained clear parent-child boundaries. Hereare 3 simple ways we can start to do the same with our daughters.

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